Guidelines for students of Shailabala Women’s College

A student of the college must lead a disciplined life and also abide by such hygienic principles and submit herself to such ant epidemic procedure as would be laid down by the Principal.

In the case of continued absence without leave on the part of students on or before the third day of such absence the names of the absentees will be struck off the College rolls. Students absent on such occasions will not be readmitted except under the usual rules of admission, unless they bring sufficient excuse in writing signed or countersigned by a parent or authorised guardian and may be excused at the discretion of the Principal. The .decision as to the sufficiency of the excuse will lie with the Principal. On such occasions the College will on no account be closed. The roll of each class will be called as usual.

(Art. 106 of the Odisha Education Code)
Principals of all colleges should obtain undertakings in the appropriate form from students or their legal guardians, as the case may be at the admission of students into their colleges. Students whose age is 18 years or over should themselves give undertakings in the proper form at the time of admission into a, College. The legal guardian of the students who are minors should give undertaking in the proper form at the time of admission of the minor students in a college.

(Art. 107 of the Odisha Education Code)
A student who is rusticated or expelled or whose name is removed from the college rolls shall as soon as her name is struck off the rolls leave the college and vacate the Hostel, if she is a resident of the same irrespective of her having paid the college or Hostel fees in advance or not. Such fees, if paid in advance shall be forfeited to the Government. If such a student does not leave the College or Hostel by the date she is required to do so she shall be compelled to pay such penalties or surcharges as decided by the Principal. For each day she overstays in violation of the order, she shall also be subject to any lawful course of action including employment of such reasonable amount of physical force as may be necessary by the Principal for enforcing her compulsory removal from the College or the attached Hostel.