Before our time this association was known as the old girls Association and informally everyone was a member. We heard of such things from our older sisters and cousins who studied here it was not until the nineties that it was formerly registered under The Societies Registration Act (No. XXI of 1980). The year recorded was 1990- 1991 when on the association came to be known as Shailabala Women’s College Old Students Association. Through a resolution however the term “Old Students” took on the word “Alumni”. The year was 2013, the centenary year of the college. With the advent of new office bearers and induction of new members the association metamorphosed in two a vibrant active body supporting the college like a fulcrum.

The objective of the association is to promote friendly relations between the former and present students and teachers of the institution, to encourage and enable former students to take active interest in the Welfare of Alma Mater with special focus on Social justice and equal opportunities for all.

For effective functioning of the association rules and regulations are formalized and strictly adhered to. Whenever required the association offers fruitful suggestions which are gracefully taken note of by the authorities of the Institution and implemented whenever and whenever feasible . The association has been holding meetings from time to time to plan on forthcoming activities like outreach camps, holding competitions and extramural lectures and so on.

The association has contributed to AC’s for the conference hall on and is taking part in “clean the campus” as part of swachh Bharat Campaign, by providing huge dustbins to the college. 10 scholarships for 10 needy students is already on the block. 2 outreach health camps have already been carried out, one in the Rama Devi school for special children and other in the “Ashray”, a rehabilitation Centre for physically challenged children. Earlier the association had conducted campaign against hunger through what we call the Daridra Narayan Seva.

As regards to cultural and educational aspects debate, essay and quiz competitions have been recently conducted and prizes like gold silver and copper medals awarded to the winners.

The association has been and will be doing it’s bit in support of this college the oldest seat of women’s education and emancipation.

Membership rules in brief

1) All former students of SB women’s college former and present teachers including those who were connected with the joint Ravenshaw girls school and college from 1915 to 1945 shall be eligible for membership of the association.

2) On Recommendation of the executive body, the association may accept any person as a honorary member, At its annual meeting the honorary members will have the same privileges as other members.

3) Any person who is not a former alumni former member of the staff but is duly recommended by the committee can become a patron, who will have all the privileges of a member.

4) Every voted member has the right to exercise her vote.

5) A student of this institution can become an annual member on departure from this college.

Membership fees

Life membership: Rs. 2000/-

Annual membership: Rs. 200/-

A student Alumnus (Annual): Rs. 200/-

Patron (Recommended): Rs. 5000/-

Alumni Association 2016

President : Ms. Gopa Das

Working President: Ms. Puspa Samal

Vice President:

Dr. Roshan Ara begum

Dr. Manjushree Pattnaik

Dr. Archana Nayak

Dr. Nandita Mohapatra

Dr. Sanjukta Mohapatra (Principal & Ex-officio)

General Secretary: Dr. Tapati Das

Organizing Secretary: Dr. Reeta Adhikary

Treasurer: Smt. Snigdha Sinha

Joint Secretary

Dr. Nirjharani Mohanty

Dr. Saroj Nalini Das

Dr. Sarojini Panda

Dr. Kum Kum Bose