Department of Botany is an integral part  Shailabala Women’s College, a more than a century old premier institution of the state of Orissa.

This prestigious institution started functioning from the year 1913. Botany as a subject at Undergraduate level started 1968 and Honours from 1973.

Curricular aspects

1.The department  as a part of the college has  Term End Examination System  in UG (II nd and III rd year  Students and CBCS  Pattern has been adopted from the session year 2016-17

2.The courses are updated and modified in UG keeping the need of society and regional/national needs by the  concerned University

3.Being an emerging area of Science, advances made in  the Theory and Practical are incorporated in the syllabus.

  Course in Term End Examination System                          Courses in CBCS Sanctioned  




Under Graduate Courses in Botany

Honours in Botany

Pass in Botany

Biology as Major Elective

Biology as Minor Elective

Environmental Sciences

(Ancillary) in  Arts and Science

Core Course : Botany

General Elective I and II : Botany








Department of Botany is having the following infrastructure facilities to cater the needs of both general Botany and Biotechnology(96) students

  • —Lecture Halls: 01
  • —Laboratories: 02
  • —Staff Room: 01
  • —Tissue Culture Room: 01
  • —Botanical Garden: 01
  • —Store: 01
  • —Toilet: 01
  • Computer system & Internet Facility: Available


  • —Class Rooms with proper chairs, LCD Projectors /OHP
  • —Internet facility for students in the department with  wi-fi
  • —Seminar Library for Students
  • —Well equipped  laboratories
  • —Aqua guards in Department: safe drinking water facility
  • —Toilets for Girls near  the department
  • —Reading and Reference facility
  • —Question  Bank in the Department
  • —Counseling done for Higher Studies/Research
  • — Weekly Departmental  Seminars
  • —Annual Day celebration: Cultural Activity
  • —Seminar Bulletins  is Published  in the Annual Day Celebration    and Wall Magazine : LOTOUS  is  published in every month
  • —Invited  Lectures are conducted each year

Best practices

  • —Greenify : Initiative by Botany department to plant trees
  • —Development of Botanical Garden and Herbal Garden: Carbon neutrality
  • —Cleanness in the department and Campus :  Creating Awarness  not to  use Polythene  in the Campus
  • —Aquaguards in  the department for staff and students : Clean Drinking Water
  • —Deputing students to National Laboratories/ Labs /Field Tour ) for better Exposure