Urdu Department

(Only Govt. Women€™s College in the state of Odisha offering Urdu at UG level)


  • Established in the year 1967
  • Not only uplift Urdu as an academic subject but also paved a way for women in Odisha to explore and enhance Urdu literature.
  • It has been offering Urdu as M.I.L.and elective subject since 1967
  • Honours was introduced in the year 2010
  • This year Choice Based Credit System (CBCS) has been adopted for UG

Curricular aspects

Sl. No Course in University/

Semester System

Course in +3/CBCS Admitted
1. 1st Year Honours CBCS 2
2. 1st Year M.I.L. CBCS 4
3. 2nd Year Honours +3 2
4. 2n Year M.I.L. +3 11
5. 3rd Year Honours +3 2


Department of Urdu has the following infrastructure facilities :

  • Lecture Hall- 01
  • Teacher€™s Staff Common Room- 01
  • Wooden cabinets- 01
  • Internet facility- WiFi
  • Class rooms with proper sitting arrangements
  • Seminar library
  • Toilets
  • Question bank
  • Seminar- once in a week
  • Department Wall magazine

Best Practice

  • Students are regularly encouraged to promote greenery in the campus by organising planting of shrubs and trees
  • Campus cleaning with the students
  • Parent-Teacher meetings for gathering feedback
  • The department organises weekly seminar on relevant literary subject.
  • The department organises outreach programme